naked time is the best time, aka long time gone

February 1, 2011

somehow between juggling two babies and a law school schedule, the craziness of summer then the gloriousness of fall and buying our first home, the onslaught of the holidays PLUS moving, somehow between all those things i just couldnt really seem to find the time or energy to blog. lame i know, i really missed it, it’s been far too long. i dutifully kept up with friends blogs, got irritated when they didn’t update, but i myself never could seem to get around to it. but here we are, in a new house, a new year, a new semester, a new era of the boys being slightly more independent/playing together, so hopefully i’ll be able to get back into the blogging groove.

the other night we let the boys have some spontaneous naked time in the kitchen, much to elijah’s delight. he is ALWAYS begging to be “freeeee!!” as he calls it. thankfully, he hasn’t taken the time to figure out how to get his own clothes off yet, plus he mainly only wears overalls and longalls which are a bit more difficult to wrangle free from. but when his request for freedom is granted it makes for much rejoicing on his part, hysterical laughter on our parts. eero doesn’t bear nearly as much appreciation….. most of the pictures from the evening were a bit too graphic to share, but here are a couple that were hilarious. and somewhat modest.

hoarding all the milk bottles from the milk truck so eerie can't get any.

me plus two naked dudes, not so pleased to be confined during their "free" time.

love how they are wearing the exact same expression...

it’s good to be back.


beach trip 2010: day 1

May 17, 2010

after 500 miles and twelve weary hours on a trip that generally always takes eight, we made it to our destination: panama city beach florida and the lovely house jrew’s parents rented for us all for the week. jrew, the babes and i left a day earlier than his family, which was brave, considering we were traveling with two babies in a tiny corrolla. but mostly we made it just fine and none of us are any worse for the wear, as you’ll see in the following pictures.

good morning eerie bird. he woke up happy after a full night of sleep on the fluffy bed i made for him. in a drawer.

i left to go to the grocery and jrew had fun with the macro lens...

...and then elijah woke up. he decided he needed some morning music.

after i got back from the grocery we all had breakfast and got dressed. then more pictures were taken. they were just looking especially cute!

my babies, the two cutest boys i've ever seen. they love each other!

hello baby model.

this baby hipster shirt belonged to jrew's uncle john. elijah was rockin it with pride.

just hanging out on our back deck, waiting for his sunblock lathering turn.

checking out the beach. this is actually his third trip here but i feel quite sure it's new to him every time.

me + eero + post-baby largesse.

love elijah's face in this one, never mind me in the corner, biting my lips as usual.

so happy to be at the beach!

more pictures of our adventures to follow… a special thanks to my lovely husband who took all these photos and handpicked and edited them for this special beach edition of my blog. hooray!

things are too good right now…

May 14, 2010

…to be spending any time posting on my blog! which is frustration, because i want to share pictures of all the goodness! and there are pictures, tons of them. maybe i’ll get around to posting them later today. or sometime next week. but no promises– we’re headed to the beach tomorrow!

in the meantime, a couple of friends have recently posted lots of pictures of my exceptionally cute children. you can see them here

and here

hope to be back blogging soon….


April 17, 2010

so here, a bit late, are a few pics from easter. even eerie had a beautiful new gown grandmother peggy got him, however i sadly didn’t have any shots of the full thing. it has all this beautiful shadow embroidery at the bottom. maybe another time. if anyone even cares, probably not. i get way too in to baby clothes…. sadly we didn’t get any good ones of the action at the annual church picnic afterwards, but usually no pictures means we were having too much fun to take any. it was a great day and a fitting celebration of jesus being risen from the dead! and it only took us three hours to get out of the house. but we sure were dressed for the occasion.

easter baskets!

all the boys

elijah, looking really irritated and not being fooled into smiling by being placed next to his new eater toy.

my eero

me and a really lovely baby

my nephew gavin in his own easter finest. my mom made that incredibly lovely bubble for elijah last year. gavin looks equally fine in it this year! and probably, eero will wear it next year. we've got to get our money's worth out of that swiss batiste and antique lace!

another shot of eerie bird, showcasing the very reason we often refer to him as little duck lips.

love this one of peggy enjoying herself at the picnic.

gavin and his great grandmother holland, my daddy's mom.

it's always nice to end with a gratuitous cute shot of baby. i love this boy!

cherry trees

April 9, 2010

i’ll just go ahead and begin this (long) post with a disclaimer: if this post were being judged by american idol standards by simon cowell, i’m pretty sure he would go ahead and call it “a little self indulgent” right off the bat. but i would just go head and ‘fess up to him, i just love my babies. i think they are the two most beautiful babies that have ever been. i love everything about them (except for elijah’s current whining phase, but let’s focus strictly on the superficial and the positive): i love elijah’s blue blue eyes, i love his round head, i love eero’s perfect little chin, i love both their wrist “bracelets”, i love eero’s long skinny feet and elijah’s pudgy padded feet, i love eero’s big tummy and both their fat cheeks. i love eerie’s tiny little eyelashes, elijah’s gracefully long ones; i love elijah’s spacious teeth and toothy smile, eero’s toothless grin. i lov ehow eero’s eyes crinkle when he smiles, how elijah’s whole body crinkles when he smiles. i love both their full luscious perfect baby lips. i could go on. and on. and on. in fact i have, in both their respective journals i’ve been keeping for them. i’m sure it will one day make them blush, and their wives smile. but this will be it for now with the words of praise, now on with the pictures of praise.

these are from a little photo shoot we had last week when the cherry trees were on full ethereal bloom. theres a little road that runs through a park near our house, aptly named cherry road, that is lined with these trees and when they are in peak bloom it is like being in another world. they are so beautiful. so as much as i knew it would be a somewhat frustrating situation and we’d never get the perfect shot, i dressed my lambs in their sunday finest and we headed over to make an attempt. none of these are the idea shot i’m afraid but they are really lovely and wonderful to me.

the cherry trees have kind of this great platform where the branches all shoot out from the base. i put elijah there to start out with. then stepped back. i think he was shocked.

all of this resulted in a very funny series of shots. i think here he's yelling for me to please come back and save him. yeah right kid. i'm getting my good cherry tree pics. now just don't dive out of that tree.

me and boys. cherry trees make great recently-post-baby pics because of the low hanging branches to hide less than picturesque mid-sections.

after he was so good in the tree shots, he was rewarded with some running around time. right away he found a favorite stick, which he proceeded to run around brandishing it after sitting birds, much like indiana jones's dad did on that beach to scare all the seagulls away so they'd crash into that plane. yea. like that.

and then it was time to make an attempt at realizing my dream of having my two beautiful and beautifully dressed sons serenely poised under my favorite fully blooming cherry tree. did this ever happen? well, not really. but all the attempts were pretty funny. in the first few i would set elijah down in his rocker then run and jrew would get maybe one shot before elijah bolted. this is one such shot.

then jrew decided it would be sufficient if he could get a few shots of elijah just "playing around" eero. of course, there was always the fear elijah would beam eero with this beloved stick...

then there were the sit-elijah-on-the-dirt-and-run shots. these didn't work out so well either.

variation on the theme, and of course now eero isn't looking.

after all this, elijah really needed a break.

sweet eerie bird.

elijah decided he'd like to tote around their diaper bag. ok.

if jrew and i ever build our dream house, these beauties will line the drive, and i'll invite everyone over for a picnic in late march when they're in full bloom. there is no tree or plant more beautiful to me than these cherry trees.

wrangling elijah for another round.

and finally, we get a few framable ones. nevermind the belt around elijah's waist, strapping him to the chair...

trying to escape...

my beautiful beautiful boys!


April 1, 2010

last wednesday the boys and i, eager to get out of this darn house on a beautiful warm warm warm spring day, donned our sandals, packed our snacks water bottles and diapers aplenty and headed out to meet my mom, brother, grandmother and friend at elmwood, memphis’s ¬†oldest cemetary. my brother eliot is in 5th grade, homeschooled, so this was supposed to be a field trip for him. you can basically glean memphis’s entire history from this place, the have revolutionary war veterans, yellow fever vicitms, civil war casualties and veterans, a mass grave for the sultana victims, and many memphis personalities both famous and infamous. but anyway, not much to tell, we had the best time strolling around the park for several hours, enjoying the sun, the breeze, the flowering trees and all the beautiful monuments to lives lived in every kind of way. it was surreal and strange, chilling at times, to see my 16 month old baby playing so happlily amongst the stones, so many of them for babies his age and his brothers age. but over-thinking aside, it was a lovely day, the best sort of outing we could have had. and eero slept the whole time.

arriving on the scene. he took off running. i really wanted to get a picture of him amongst the flowers at the entrance. this was the best i could do.

babies, ready to go, longing for the day when they can be pushed together in their double bob.

this photo could have been taken at any point during our entire 3 hour stroll.

uncle E: gun toting baby-protector, ghost-killer and uncle extraordinaire, 12 years old as of yesterday. i love this guy.

he liked examining the stones. it was strange.

trying to escape, trying to see if i'm coming after him. which of course, i was. he promptly took off running again just after i snapped this shot.

grandmother teri and babies in front of our favorite tree in the park, a beautiful tulip. the strange lady to the left is my grandmother patsy. i think she was probably trying to make elijah smile.

relaxing on the porch after a long day at the graveyard.

cousin gavin came over for a visit later that day. he had so much fun he fell asleep.... lori came by too! i love this photo.

smiling in his sleep after a long great day.

Testing, testing…

March 30, 2010

Just seeing what it’s like to post from the iPhone…. Hope this works ok. It would make things easier since most of my pics are on this these days….

Today the boys were competing for my attention most of the day. Not especially fun but it is really nice to be so loved by these small humans. Really loved here could also mean ‘used for survival,’ but loved is so much nicer.

Mondays nearly over, hooray, and happy tuesday from these fellas.

springtime is for porch time. and also chicken fights.

March 29, 2010

we are so glad spring is finally here! aside from all the allergies that are plaguing the men of the house, we are loving every minute of this beautiful weather. despite my lack of sleep due to 1. a nursing newborn and 2. jrew’s loud breathing, i feel like i’m finally settling in to this two baby thing. not that it’s gotten any easier, but i’m getting more adjusted and that’s really nice. usually this time of year i like to take as many long walks as possible, but since we’re still saving up for our double b.o.b. stroller (only a couple more weeks!) we’ve mostly been relegated to the porch. but that has been fine with us. also since colds and other ailments have finally subsided, we’ve gotten to spend more time with my nephew, my brother will’s boy gavin, which has been great! he is such a funny little fellow, so happy, recently crawling (but not too fast yet), my favorite baby age!

here's gavin in my living room a few weeks ago. this is the first time we'd seen him since christmas! just look how cute and happy he is! i just love him!

elijah however was not feeling so much gavin love at first. it was so sad! he was fine for the first few minutes, even squatted down to pat his head, play with his shoes, then out of no where, elijah just burst into uncontrollable sobs! it took forever to calm him down. i guess he was either remembering gavin's former penchant for gnawing on his arm (see my previous yuletide post, "portraits of agony"), or else he just couldn't handle yet another baby in the house. either way, poor guy was devastated!

he did however it it together enough for a rousing game of chicken fight a little later.

these poor babes are going to be so warped.

this guy of course has been sleeping the month away. no chicken fights for him! not yet anyway...

we've been getting a lot of help lately from this lady, elijah and eero's great aunt lori. she comes by after work to play. we like her.

this is elijah's version of the perfect afternoon: sitting in his rocking chair, on the porch, with his hand in a box of annie's bunny snacks.

i think his snacks were getting low.

gratuitous cute picture.

another gratuitous cute picture.

recently jrew's faithful old dinosaur laptop died. so he got a new one. and lijah got this. he is such a strange boy. i think he likes to test himself with feats of strength. he would really enjoy festivus.

typing away. he's really advanced.

me and my bebes! despite the runny noses, it's a good month.

one month old!

March 27, 2010

my sweet little eerie bird, i can’t believe you are one month old. this month has literally flown by in a blur of diapers, around the clock nursing, sleep depravation, grand times, horrid times, and all the general craziness that goes along with life adjusting to a newborn. this time it has been extra crazy because we have elijah in the mix, and he’s still a baby himself, so we’ve been going a little bit insane at times. but i wouldn’t trade any of this chaos for anything. and although sometimes i might have the slight inclination to hurl you across the room when you wake up for the fourth time in the night, i love you more than warm blooming springtime after the longest deadest winter of my life. being your mom is an honor and i’m already so proud of you.

i love these boys…

March 19, 2010

…now that they are clean, fed and napping soundly. about an hour ago, when elijah and i both were covered in his poop after he went on the floor and played in it as i was drying off from our shower (co-showering, it’s the only way these days), i did not feel as much love for them. or after i got both of us cleaned up and dried and dressed, and was in the middle of bathing eero on the counter, when he decided to let loose and pee on elijah, i was not feeling so much of the love then either. good grief! life with these two babies feel surreal most of the time, like how on earth can i be 25 years old and mothering not one but two babies. i mean, i havent let the premises of my house in almost a week. literally! also today is the first day in a week i’ve fixed my hair, put on makeup or worn shoes. real shoes! no house shoes today. because its 70 degrees and sunny and the park is calling to us. so just as soon as these clean emptied out boys get up from their nap, we’re leaving. happy friday and get us OUT OF HERE!!