naked time is the best time, aka long time gone

somehow between juggling two babies and a law school schedule, the craziness of summer then the gloriousness of fall and buying our first home, the onslaught of the holidays PLUS moving, somehow between all those things i just couldnt really seem to find the time or energy to blog. lame i know, i really missed it, it’s been far too long. i dutifully kept up with friends blogs, got irritated when they didn’t update, but i myself never could seem to get around to it. but here we are, in a new house, a new year, a new semester, a new era of the boys being slightly more independent/playing together, so hopefully i’ll be able to get back into the blogging groove.

the other night we let the boys have some spontaneous naked time in the kitchen, much to elijah’s delight. he is ALWAYS begging to be “freeeee!!” as he calls it. thankfully, he hasn’t taken the time to figure out how to get his own clothes off yet, plus he mainly only wears overalls and longalls which are a bit more difficult to wrangle free from. but when his request for freedom is granted it makes for much rejoicing on his part, hysterical laughter on our parts. eero doesn’t bear nearly as much appreciation….. most of the pictures from the evening were a bit too graphic to share, but here are a couple that were hilarious. and somewhat modest.

hoarding all the milk bottles from the milk truck so eerie can't get any.

me plus two naked dudes, not so pleased to be confined during their "free" time.

love how they are wearing the exact same expression...

it’s good to be back.


3 Responses to “naked time is the best time, aka long time gone”

  1. caroline Says:

    aww so glad you’re back and they’re naked! naked babies are the best! 🙂

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Haha, Haley loves being naked too. It’s hilarious. I’m glad your boys are enjoying their “freeeee”dom.
    It’s good to have you back in the blog world 🙂

  3. SB Says:

    welcome back to your blog bethan! your boys are hilarious being “free.”
    stephen small has woken up “free” a few times this week, which was warranted us to get out the packing tape and secure his diaper.

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